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Which Engagement Ring Matches Your Personality?

With summer in full swing, engagement vibes are in the air. While you're waiting for them to pop the question, your head is probably in the clouds and filled with visions of your future together. From booking your proposal manicure to planning your ideal wedding, there's a lot to think about. One of the most time sensitive steps is dropping hints about the perfect engagement ring to your partner. At David Scott we have every kind of style for any bride to be. Start your search for the ideal ring by taking our short quiz to find a piece that fits your personality. Grab a piece of paper and a pen to keep track of your answers.

What is your ideal first date?

  1. Delectable wine and charcuterie at a trendy local spot with a 5-star Yelp review.
  2. A homemade picnic in the park with a sprinkle of rain to make the moment magical.
  3. Dinner and a movie with a stop for ice cream on the way home.
  4. Delicious rare steak and fine red wine at the most expensive restaurant in town.

Spin classes or hot yoga?

  1. Hot yoga after a long day in the office. Helps me relax and rejuvenate before I head home.
  2. Skip the classes and bike outside. Taking in the sights while on a ride around the city is much more enjoyable.
  3. You can never go wrong with jazzercise.
  4. Sweat? Ew, no.

What's your ultimate weekend getaway with the girls?

  1. Mimosas at the spa all weekend long.
  2. We split a room at a cute bed and breakfast and spend our days exploring a slow, quaint town.
  3. Roadtrip!
  4. A little glamping with my girlies. Who doesn't love a posh little cabin with Wifi, AC and a personal chef?

If you could go back in time, what decade would you choose?

  1. Scratch the past. Let's jump into the future.
  2. Send me back to 1597. I'll be the first in line at the Globe Theater debut of Romeo and Juliet.
  3. I travel back in time every day with my vintage-inspired wardrobe.
  4. Take me back to the 1920s. Flapper girl fashion and glitzy parties feed my soul.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

  1. I'd have the ability to stop time so that I could rip through my to-do list and finally have a moment to relax.
  2. I'd want to fly so I could spend my days floating in the clouds.
  3. Immortality. I want to stick around to see how the world changes.
  4. Powers don't matter. The bigger question is what am I wearing?

What kind of pet would you like?

  1. I'll opt for plants.
  2. As many cats and dogs as I can find. I'll take all the cuddles.
  3. Definitely dogs. They make a great pet for the whole family.
  4. A little purse pooch! We'll get our nails done together.

You put this on EVERYTHING

  1. Everything But the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe's. It's great for spicing up all my on-the-go meals.
  2. Rosemary adds the perfect floral flavor to all my sautées.
  3. You can't go wrong with the ketchup and mustard combo.
  4. Truffle and parmesan. It makes anything decadent.

Drinks and dancing out on the town or a cozy night in?

  1. Definitely drinks and dancing. I know the hottest spots to hit up.
  2. A blanket fort, popcorn and an indie film are what I'm all about.
  3. Let's jive to our favorite tunes in a late-night diner.
  4. Gotta hit the club so that everyone can see my newest outfit.

What song are you jammin' out to?

  1. “As it Was” by Harry Styles
  2. “La Vie En Rose” by Emily Watts
  3. “Wouldn't It Be Nice” by The Zamia Squad
  4. “Finesse” by Bruno Mars

What's your favorite part of your self-care routine?

  1. My nightly serum and gua sha massage. It smooths the day away.
  2. A bubble bath with wine and candles. It's like a little date with myself.
  3. There's nothing like a simple, nightly face wash followed by a moisturizing cold cream.
  4. All of it. There are 12 steps to make me feel my best.

Tally up your answers to see which engagement ring matches your personality with the descriptions below. Then, let the fun begin with engagement ring shopping!

If you answered mostly A's:

You're a sleek, modern woman who does it all. Whether you're celebrating your promotion at the office, catching up with your girls at happy hour or vibing in a hot yoga class, you need a ring that keeps up with all you do. Take your style from day to night with a diamond that sparkles through any occasion. This David Scott Diamond Engagement Ringfeatures a chic pear-shaped diamond set in a sparkling pavé band. It's just the right amount of glitz for a modern girl boss!

If you answered mostly B's:

As a romantic, you live for slow, quiet evenings spent dancing with your love. You're all about creating memories and holding them close to your heart. The sentimental value of a ring is more important to you than choosing a trendy piece or making a statement. A three-stone engagement ring is the perfect way to honor your everlasting love. Each dazzling stone represents the chapters of your journey together in the past, present and future.

If you answered mostly C's:

Your vibe transcends decades. As a classic girl, timeless tunes and bold red lipstick are two things you can't live without. You enjoy the finer things in life that never go out of style, like diamonds and graceful simplicity. As a classic lady, you need a ring to match your ageless beauty. A glittering round solitaire diamond ring will capture your striking elegance. This style is timeless and will shine through generations.

If you answered mostly D's:

You're definitely a show-stopper with a shimmering personality! Glitz and glam are your things and you won't hesitate to bedazzle just about anything. Your jewelry should shine as brightly as you with tons of diamonds. The ideal piece will compliment your boldness, like this Gabriel & Co. Engagement Ring. Diamonds set in 14-Karat white gold shimmer luxuriously, creating a breathtaking shine that will turn heads.

Shine With a Ring From David Scott

Whether you're a modern woman or a glamorous girl, your engagement ring should fit your style and personality. At David Scott, you'll find the right fit for you. With tons of styles and different diamond cuts, we have an extensive collection of items for every bride. Or, you can make your timeless treasure truly unique with a custom design of your own. Visit us in-store at 15600 Panama City Beach Parkway or at 1146 Harrison Avenue in Panama City, FL to discover the ring of your dreams.

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