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William Henry Gentac ‘HMS Victory’ Knife

William Henry Gentac ‘HMS Victory’ Knife

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William Henry Gentac ‘HMS Victory’ Knife Features Beautiful Bolsters In Hand-Forged 'Croc Skin' Damascus By Chad Nichols, Inlaid With Oak Wood Reclaimed During The Restoration Of The H.M.S. Victory.

One Of The Greatest Pieces Of Naval History Of All Time, The H.M.S. Victory Was Sailed By Admiral Nelson In The Victorious Battle Of Trafalgar Of 1805, When The British Won, Against Overwhelming Odds, Against Both The French And The Spanish Fleets.
The Ship Was Launched In 1765, And WasInstrumental In Ensuring British NavalSupremacy During The Late 18th And Early 19th Centuries. It Is The Only Surviving Ship To Have Fought In Both The American War Of Independence And The French Revolutionary Wars.

The Blade Is In William Henry's Signature 'Wave' Damascus Steel With An Extra Sharp Core In VG-10 Steel; The One-Hand Button Lock And The Thumb Stud Are Set With Spinel Gemstones.

Number 22 of 50; Serial No: 2212-0412

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